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I Remember When...

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Purpose: It is exactly what it means, "I Remember When.." Here, you can jot down your memories in any way. You can express your memory through writing, graphic, a poem, a song, etc. You can talk about your favorite memory, your worst, the little things, your regrets, or thoughts about memories in general. It can be from the time your dad used to always tuck you in bed to the first time you had sex. Anything that happened in your life... say it here. And will be kept in here.

- It's simple.
- There will be no bashing towards anyone or their entry. Everyone is to be respected for their thoughts. Any resentment/sarcasm post/comment of such kind will be deleted.
- Any entries containing heavy sexual content MUST have a sign of warning before. It could just be a simple "note: sexual content" before your entry or LJ-Cut it

- graphics on background were photographs taken from the personal site of the lovely Caroline Moore, http://www.sixhours.net -