SleeperCell (blurryeyedangel) wrote in i_remember_when,


I remember when...

I took the train back to the city today.
I figured I could get some work done.
It really sucks, leaving home these days,
I'm allot more content there and I can escape.

Half way through the train ride,
which stretched on for 4 hours,
a girl boarded and asked to sit beside me.
I let her. I packed away my stuff.

I'm never that great with people but
I always wanted to have that quality
where you can just talk to people who you
don't know. On top of this this girl seemed
really cool and interesting.

Out of the blue as I gazed out the window into
the pitch black of the autumn evening I heard
a song I knew pumping for the girls headphones.
I looked up in excitement. As the song ended I spoke.

"You got anymore Alkaline Trio?"

Which she replied

"Sure!. I didn't know it was loud enough that you could hear it sorry"

Eventually we got talking about Halloween and different things.
She said she was doing Architecture, she said it was hard, she
told me her town is way better than probably is.

When we got off the bus she had to get a taxi, that's when
I caught her name, Sarah. I said goodbye and walked to get
the rail home.

I stood in the que to get a ticket when all of a


Its Sarah!

"Ya, there were no taxi's, I'll have to get the tram too"

So we continued where we left off talking about our crazy
friends, films and Berlin.

We went our separate ways and said goodbye for the second and final time.

Goodbye Alkaline Trio Girl (and thanks for the sweet)
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